Acoustic fabrics manufactured by the SPEZO company are intended to cover and the sound guards of a car and the stationary sound systems guards. Acoustic fabric is a specialized woven material (100% polyester). This material is of high durability against physical and chemical exposure and is characterized as of high stability of shape. This means that acoustic fabrics are fade resistant, waterproof, stretch and deform resistant throughout the warranty period.

The texture of the SPEZO acoustic fabric reproduces the texture of the acoustic fabric used by the majority of the car manufacturers. The color range of the woven fabrics is picked the way that it would as much as possible correspond to the latest car fashion trends. All the colors of the acoustic fabrics are in stock at the company’s warehouse. This fact lets us ensure the shortest delivery period.

The SPEZO company specialists are constantly seeking the possibilities to widen and optimize the color range of the woven fabrics. If you didn’t find the desired color you can always order a customer-manufactured acoustic fabric in the required color. In this case the minimum order would make up to 20-25 running meters and the execution of an order time would be from 4 to 6 weeks. You can purchase the acoustic fabrics through a non-cash payment as well as through a direct cash payment.

We deliver the orders throughout Moscow and Moscow region and also we work with the CIS market. We have special terms for the wholesale buyers. Feel free to contact us for co-operation!