We specialize in restoration, sale and maintenance of motor vehicles, which were produced and operated in the USSR.

Another important area of our work is the production and sale of components for vintage motorcycles.

Restoration of vintage motorcycles

Restoration is different from the regular repairs, because it's goal is to restore the vehicle in its original condition and to make it look exactly like when it was produced many years ago. We are doing our best to use only original components and restoration technologies. Complete restoration can take from 2 to 12 months.

It depends on the year of production, the availability of necessary spare parts, layouts, drawings and, of course, on the wishes of the customer.

Sale of vintage motorcycles

We sell restored motorcycles and provide qualified services for the search and acquisition of vintage motor vehicles in Russia and abroad.

Maintenance of vintage motorcycles

We conduct routine maintenance, running repairs and prepare the vehicles for exhibitions and races.

Manufacture and sale of components for antique motorcycles

SPEZO has all the necessary design and production facilities for rapid development and production of various parts and components for vintage motorcycles.

Our range of components and accessories is constantly expanding.

On our website we also offer parts and components from many Russian and foreign companies, engaged in the production of parts for vintage motorcycles.

In addition, we provide services on search and selection of components for vintage motorcycles.

Restoration of vintage motorcycles

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