We offer you several types of curtains: particularly standard ones, curtains with tucks and curtains with folds (Bentley style, Maybach style), both in one-color and two-color configuration.

Standard curtains  sind ohne Falten und Biesen. Dies ist die einfachste und günstigste Art von Gardinen. Sie können einschichtig oder zweischichtig sein.

Curtains with tucks Curtains with tucks is a more popular type of curtains for cars. This type of curtains has tucks at the top and at the bottom. The curtains have a nicer appearance and an acceptable price. These curtains can also be both one-layer and double-layer.

Curtains with foldsCurtains with folds are of the exclusive type of curtains. The classical design of this type of curtains ideally matches with the interiors of such rare cars as, for example, Bentley or Rolls Royce. This type of curtains features equally spaced vertical folds. The curtains can be both one-layer and double-layer. Quite often such curtains are manufactured double-colored – the outside fabric of the curtain is of the car body and the inside is of the color of the saloon.

Standard curtainsGardinen für Busse und Minibusse
Curtains with tucksGardinen für Busse und Minibusse
Curtains with foldsGardinen für Busse und Minibusse