Gardinen für FahrzeugeCar curtains protect the car saloon from sunrays and outside glances. They let you create an atmosphere of coziness and comfort; let you feel yourself safe and secure. They provide a necessary business attitude, let you concentrate on important questions and also they mark out the individuality of the car and its owner. They can considerably decrease the negative UV impact on the saloon interior fabrics and decrease the inside temperature in the period of prolonged stop\parking and while driving.

If you compare the car curtains to the car window tinting you may notice a number of facts when installing the curtains… You don’t feel that the car saloon suddenly shrank. Your eyesight stays the same at nighttime – and that becomes actual for tourist buses for example.

If your car curtains are installed in a car, which is on a warranty service, you don’t have to worry about a thing. No debatable questions arise with the car service centers specialists. Aside from window tinting such malfunctions as rear window defroster elements failure, remote controls range of coverage attenuation, detorioration of window raiser operation etc. are excluded. It should also be noted that it is not recommended to tint the bullet-proof cars due to the bullet-proof window glass specifications.

Car curtains don’t have any restrictions on light transparency (as does the tinting). And this additional fact will eliminate the reason for you to have a disputable conversation with the road police. Practicability, comfort of use, no need of maintenance, a wide range of color and designer solutions, possibility of installation in practically any car let the car privacy curtains find acceptance among the additional equipment of a modern car or a bus.